video art

this section contains a selection of video & performance works from over the last decade.
the content of this section will change every few months.

papalCorruption v1.0 [beta]

running time: 1m 17s
papalCorruption is a recent experiment for a larger body of new video based works exploring the glitch and corrupt data in media culture. The original clip was a short Italian television story about Pope Benedict XVI. I downloaded the video from the Vatican website and then corrupted it on a data level.


DEATH [of analog]

October 2, 1925June 12, 2009
running time: 18min excerpt [full work is 84 min]

A dead analog television signal was broadcast live online at the morning of Thursday June 12 2009 from 12:00am – 1:24am [EST].


[fladry+jones] and jason.sloan
running time: 33m 23s


broadcast live from my studio in baltimore, md.
running time: 57m 22s

HYMN [red]

telematic performance work
running time: 34m 08s

HYMN [red] is an edited version of HYMN [one], which was first shown at the 2005 Brazillian Biennial. The original piece was a telematic performance work broadcast live via webcam from my studio in Baltimore to the gallery in Brazil and others watching remotely online. This edited version was created from the original source video for extended gallery viewing.

Like much of my earlier performance work, this piece draws on my interest in personal ritual, memory, history and transcendence. the works in the HYMN series of performances [three total] include the use of blood, wine, water and honey.


2 channel video installation with sound
running time: 5m 38s

birthingofahoneyseed was a site specific two room video installation with sound. The work was installed from October 31 – December 18, 2004 at Emory and Henry College, Emory Virginia.

This is a short visual documentary of the work. The soundtrack that accompanies this video was playing at low volume throughout the exhibit.

EXTINGUISHED [with language]

video performance
running time: 3m 04s

EXTINGUISHED [with language] was created during the early part of 2001. It was the second piece in the WRAP series of video works and performances.

WRAP v1.

video performance
running time: 2m 26s

The first piece in a series of “wrapping” performance works I created during late 2000 and early 2001.

This work was first shown in 2002 in the Dreamcatcher International Video and Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine and the International Festival of Experiments & Performance, Central Exhibition Hall, IV Saint-Petersburg Russia. Wrap v.1 was also curated into the online collection of video works by MACHFELD, International Arts and Culture Society, Vienna, Austria.


Jason Sloan is an electronic media and sound artist, musician, composer and professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

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