Live at WXPN video

Posted on | August 26, 2014

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. But that’s not to say a lot hasn’t been going on. I’ll be posting a full list of upcoming concerts, art opening and information about two new upcoming albums in the next week or two. In the meantime, Mike Hunter from WPRB in Princeton, NJ was kind enough to post this HD video of a private concert I gave at the World Café Studios at WXPN in Philadelphia in 2010. This was one of the last live “ambient” concerts I gave shortly before starting the synth wave project L’Avenir. Enjoy the concert and more updates to come very soon!


L’Avenir – The Wait

Posted on | November 5, 2013

I’m very excited to announce that my synthwave project L’Avenir’s debut album “The Wait” is now available on Barcelona’s Cold Beats Records on CD and digital formats. Vinyl will follow very shortly. The self-titled follow up album will be released in December on the Post Avantgarde label Beläten on cassette and digital formats. For more info on L’Avenir you can visit the official web site or better yet, Like L’Avenir on the official Facebook page and be kept up to date with all the news and happenings!

Order here: Cold Beats Records

What people are saying about “The Wait”:

“Sounds Fantastic!!”
– Sean McBride (Martial Canterel)

“A very fine and deep album. Upon first listen one of my favorite albums from last year by John Maus came to mind.”
– The Suicide of Western Culture

“The Wait” from American artist L’Avenir, minimal synth pairs perfectly solemn , reverb-drenched vocals with largely electronic analog sounds. Often heavy synth bass lines combine with soaring string sounds and driving drum -machine rhythms in this cohesive set of songs. While L’Avenir’s love of vintage “wave” music comes through clear as to Influence, the album never reverts to nostalgic for its own sake but rather comes across as a decidedly contemporary spin on the dark electronic sounds by established artists of Decades past . A very strong first offering from the new Barcelona based label Cold Beats Records.”
– Lissette Schoenly (Spatial Relation)

“Cascades of melancholy and nostalgica.  More than just Minimal Wave.”
– Dj Norbertx


Announcements and Upcoming Performances

Posted on | July 2, 2013

Be sure to check out the excellent new limited edition, double CD compilation by The Scrap Mag which includes a track by my side project L’Avenir. The release is packaged in a beautiful oversized 7″ gatefold sleeve. To order please visit The Scrap Mag’s online store.

My minimal wave side project L’Avenir will be making its public debut on August 29, 2013 supporting LA’s Soft Metals at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore. Ticket information and show time will be announced very soon.

This coming November I’m looking forward to getting back to my ambient and space music roots for a live 1 hour radio concert on the morning of November 3, 2013. Star’s End is one of the countries oldest running ambient and space music programs broadcasting for more than 30 years. More information will be made closer to the performance date.


Framework Radio #408

Posted on | February 18, 2013

As a longtime listener of Framework Radio, I am very excited excited to have provided the introduction to this weeks broadcast which also includes an excerpt of  400Hz – 42º19’10.91″N 74º 4’28.32″W.  I originally created 400Hz for the PNEM Sound Art Festival while on a mini Residency at the Wave Farm this past October. The work was created using multiple layered binaural field recordings adjusted to 400Hz, the average constant frequency in the natural environment where the audio was captured. The recordings were created in Acra, New York during the first 20 minutes of each hour beginning at 12am until 6am on october 27, 2012.

Stream or download this weeks edition here: Framework Radio: Edition #408


L’Avenir side project

Posted on | January 28, 2013

2012 was a busy year with a lot of projects! I completed a good chunk of work in my ongoing Whiteout series, released two new solo works, Fall of the Fifth Sun and the Sine e.p., in addition to participating in numerous international exhibitions and playing a number of live concerts. In the early part of 2012 I started working on material for a new side project called L’Avenir. If you’re familiar with the numerous instrumental ambient albums I’ve released under my own name for the last decade and a half, this new side project is quite a bit different. Over the past 4 years, I’ve noticed my own solo work drifting away from its ambient and space music origins and moving into the realm of a traditionally structured music. While still retaining atmosphere and ambience, these albums [Corrupted Horizon[–], Fall of the Fifth Sun, etc.] have approached more of a formal song structure than my past recordings have. So finally, this past year I decided to take the leap and start a new project that truly embraces this format, which includes lyrics and vocals.

The music of L’Avenir is rooted in the tradition of the minimal, analog, synthesizer music of the late 70’s and early 80’s ala Fad GadgetSolid SpaceDepecheD.A.F. etc. In the mid 2000’s this genre of music, which has since been coined “Minimal Wave” by Veronica Vasicka, has seen a revival in the underground music scenes in the States and abroad. Having grown up in the 70’s and 80’s as a huge fan of synthpop and darker 80′s electronic music myself, a diversion down this path makes sense to me within the context of where my music has been headed over the past few years. Also, by channeling the exploration of structure into the L’Avenir project, I’m equally as excited to begin experimenting with pure electronic space again through future releases under my own name.

At the moment I’m seeking a good home to release L’Avenir’s completed debut album In Collapsing Silence. More information about the release will be made available soon. In the meantime, check out the micro site I’ve built for this new side project which also features a couple cuts from the upcoming debut:

L’Avenir Micro Site:


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Jason Sloan is an electronic media and sound artist, musician, composer and professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

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